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— Jim Rohn

Disclaimer & Services Explanation

Disclaimer & Services Explanation

Who We Are:

Immi Anywhere uses technology to streamline economic migration, enhancing safety and accessibility. We are committed to offering valuable connections, information, and tools to aid individuals on their immigration paths.

What We Do:

Our platform provides various services to support all aspects of economic migration:

  • Immi Plug: Connects users with certified immigration professionals for personalized, scam-free advice.
  • Immi Career (Launching Soon): Offers access to verified job opportunities that may lead to permanent residency or visa sponsorship, starting with Atlantic Canada.

What We Are Not:

Immi Anywhere is not an immigration consultancy and does not offer legal advice or representation in immigration proceedings. Our role is to facilitate access to information and professional services, acting as a link between migrants and certified experts and employers.

Legal Disclaimer:

We recommend that users seek professional legal advice for specific immigration issues. While Immi Anywhere strives to maintain accurate and up-to-date information, it should not be considered a substitute for official legal advice. We disclaim liability for actions taken based on the information provided on our platform.

Source Acknowledgement:

Our content is sourced from reputable, official government platforms and vetted immigration professionals. We are committed to regularly updating our content to ensure its accuracy and reliability.

Contacting Immi Plug:

For support and connections to trusted immigration services, please contact us at Our aim is to facilitate a scam-free, secure, and efficient immigration process by connecting you with experienced, certified professionals.

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